Duck work JA 2020

Friday 17th April, 2020

4:00 PM - 11:22 PM



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Who goes to work on a Carnival Friday ???

The legendary pumpin’ machine is at it again.

Encouraging you to live life to the fullest .... break the rules responsibly let’s have some fun!!!!

All work and no play is not the order of the day.

Ditch, skip, dodge or DUCK WORK!

Friday 17th April , 2020.

Cooler fete !!!!

Dress Code: Skimpy 

Time: 5pm - 11pm

SCORCH rules applies

No refusal of SCORCH shots

No fashion fcuk ups 

No DRAMA !!!

No oversized coolers 

No sour vibes 

* Learn the SCORCH chant and come and party hard.

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