• Beach Cooler Festival The EEEmpire

  • Venue: Tyrico Bay

  • Sunday 24th Sep 2017 02:00pm - 10:00pm

  • On Republic Day we return to Tyrico bay for an Authenthic Beach Festival. 

    - Wear your bathing suit & bring your shades
    - Come in flip flops or barefoot 
    - Feel the water against your feet 
    - Recline in a Beach Cabana or on a Beach Chair
    - Enjoy Bake and Shark served in copious amounts 
    - Ladies, you have your own bar 
    - Simulated Rain 

    Tickets are $250 until August 31st. 
    Ladies 2 on 1 before 4:30pm. 

    This is not a party on the sand, this is a party on the BEACH.

    Republic Day, join us as we celebrate our beautiful North Coast. This is it!

  • $250.00 TTD Early Bird

  • (Ticket sales are closed.)