• Haunted Carnival Ago Solvo Events

  • Venue: 1130 E92nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11236

  • Saturday 28th to 29th Oct 2017 10:00pm - 03:00am

  • Let's  Make Halloween Great Again!

    The Concept is Simple! 

    Any Carnival Costume From Any Band, Any Monday Wear, You Get to Wear it With Us and Play A Mas for Halloween! 

    First Batch of Tickets On Sale Now, This Price will Go Up!

    Early Jammette $22 (Sold Out!)

    Early Jammer $27 (Sold Out!)


    • Must be Over 21 to Attend
    • Fellas Your Mas Pants Is Just Fine
    • Bring Your Waistline
    • Leave The Drama
    • Welcome all Bad Behavior

    Brought to you by Ago Solvo Events

    If You are Tired of the Same Boring Halloween Party Yearly Come Pump with Ago!

    Fun is Inevitable...

    Absolutely NO REFUNDS!

    Please purchase the correct ticket for Your Gender! 


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  • $37.00 USD Jammer

    $32.00 USD Jammette

  • (Ticket sales are closed.)