• Parang Cooler Cruise SCORCH

  • Venue: Harbour Master

  • Saturday 23rd Dec 2017 03:00pm - 07:00pm

  • Hey girls and boys...
    Have u been naughty or nice?
    Cause we're checkin our list...
    And checkin it twice... SCORCH presents... SCORCH Parang Cooler Cruise

    Boarding 1pm

    sailing 3pm

    Dress Code
    Ladies: Swimsuits
    Guys: Beach wear

    All SCORCH rules apply

    No refusal of SCORCH shots.
    No fashion F*CK UPS.
    No sloppy bodies...“after all its almost Carnival”.
    No oversized coolers.
    No glass bottles.
    No sour vibes.
    No DRAMA!!
    No Illegal substances whatsoever.

    Parang. Rinse. Repeat.

  • $250.00 TTD Chicks

    $350.00 TTD Dicks

  • (Ticket sales are closed.)