• Sunsets YupLife!

  • Venue: Harbour Master

  • Sunday 27th May 2018 03:00pm - 07:00pm

  • Who Made The Rules? We’re Breaking It !!


    S U N S E T S - The ULTIMATE Dusk Cruise. An Evening into Night Time Cooler Cruise that is about Breaking All The Rules. A classic Neon coloured 80’s/90’s themed party but of course not forgetting the current 20’s either. We're covering Everything!!! 


    The Galaxies have Aligned & It's time to Rewind

    Yeah, We said that Right ! Rewind to those "Wonder Years"


    "Wonder Years”?! Whats That You Ask? 


    The 80’s and 90’s Of Course, The Golden Era. Where the Clothes, Music & Television Was At It's All Time Best. Let’s Take You Down Memory Lane As We Cruise Into The Sunset For A Night That Will Never Be Forgotten. 








  • $300.00 TTD Female

    $350.00 TTD Male

  • (Ticket sales are closed.)