• What Name Stop? D Island's Vibe Self Made Entertainment

  • Venue: The Scouts Association of Trinidad and Tobago

  • Sunday 2nd Dec 2018 03:00pm - 09:00pm

  • W H A T  N A M E  S T O P
    _D’  I S L A N D S’  V I B E_


    Have You Ever Took Time To Appreciate How Vibrant The Trinidad Culture Really Is?


    The SME Family Will Bring The Trini Culture To Life Where You’ll Experience:

    • D’ Island’s Tradition
    • D’ Island’s Beautiful People
    • D’ Island’s Delicacies
    • D’ Island’s VIBE


    Come Out With “Yuh Friend And Dem” And Let Us Show Everybody That Trini People Really Don’t Know WHAT NAME STOP



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  • $280.00 TTD Wet Man

    $250.00 TTD Sweet Gyal

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