How it Works ...simple yet powerful

register Register

Every ticket holder must have an account on the site. Registering is free and your account can be used to sign up for multiple events.

book Book Ticket

Select an event you wish to attend and click 'Book Ticket'. Some events require you to request attendance from a committee member you know. In this case, your booking will have to be approved by them and you will receive an email confirming this.

cart Make Payment

You have three options for payment. You can either make an online payment using your credit card or Paypal account. You can go a designated box office. Lastly, you can pay the committee member that approved you booking. Your ticket will be sent to your account and can be retrieved there.

cloud storage Retrieve Ticket

Once your payment is complete, your ticket will always be available online accessible through the 'My Events' tab. You can print the ticket (recommended) or you can save the barcode to your mobile device. You should not rely on your mobile internet connection on the day of an event as this may prove to be unreliable.