Tropical LUAU Carnival

by The EEEmpire

Thursday 20th February, 2020

5:00 PM - 12:00 AM

An Estate in St Joseph


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  •   Female 2nd Batch
    $55.00 USD
  •   Male 2nd Batch.
    $60.00 USD
  •    Rum & Coca Cola Cooler + Ticket
    $95.00 USD
    1 Bottle of White Oak, Cups, Chaser, Ice, Cooler
  •   ABSOLUTELY Ready Cooler + Ticket
    $110.00 USD
    1 Bottle Absolut, 1 Bottle Coconut Rum, Cups, Chaser, Ice, Cooler


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Female 2nd Batch

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Rum & Coca Cola Cooler + Ticket

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PREMIUM Food Inclusive Hawaiian Cooler Fete. Welcome to the Tropics!

Multiple food stations - Shorter lines - More Options!
Pork Roast 
Vege Delights
Pineapple Chicken 
Gourmet Sandwich Bar 
Corn Soup

+ many more savoury delights! 

Performances by Sekon Sta, Nailah Blackman, Erphaan Alves and many more!

This event is the pinnacle of our years growing Tropical LUAU into a Hawaiian themed Tropical fete.  

Carnival Thursday is Tropical Thursday!

Tickets are out NOW!

Dress Code: Floral Wear or Grass Skirts and Coconut Bras.

Coolers must be in before 7:30pm


Prepare for the time of your life.