DUCK WORK Trinidad 2023

Fri 17th February , 2023

2:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Chaquacabana Beach Club, Chaguaramas


Welcome to the greatest Carnival Friday Day Fete and Beach Party!

PREMIUM Drinks Inclusive Event 

Tapas (Small plates) Inclusive- Multiple food stations featuring local delicacies.

Featuring an ALL STAR DJ lineup!

Dress Code: Swimwear and Resort Chic

Cabanas available for booking

$1,500 USD: 6 tickets, 3 premium bottles, service, reserved parking for one (1) vehicle  SOLD OUT

$2,000 USD: 10 tickets, 4 premium bottles, dedicated server, reserved parking for two (2) vehicles

For large group tickets & cabana concierge and all cabana info: