EEEmpire Beach Cooler Festival

by The EEEmpire

Tuesday 24th September, 2019

4:00 AM - 8:00 AM

Tyrico Bay

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Show off in your bathing suits or board shorts and dance as the sun rises over the north coast. 

This is a Sunrise festival which celebrates the beach and everything that makes us Trinidad and Tobago. Not every island is a Republic, so we choose to celebrate this in spectacular fashion. 

- Recline in a Beach Cabana or on a Beach Chair 

- Wear your Bathing Suit & Bring your Shades

- Come in Flip Flops or be Barefoot 

- Enjoy Bake and Shark served in copious amounts 

- Decorate your CUP or Bring your Cooler 

Republic Day, join us as we celebrate our multicultural heritage as Trinidadians and the beautiful North Coast. This is it!