I ❤️ Mud - Ultimate J'ouvert Experience

by MI Jouvert

Monday 24th February, 2020

4:00 AM - 9:00 AM


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Creating new vibes 
for JOUVERT 2020

MI HQ opening hrs...
Walk in registration. 
Trinidad Northerns Rugby Club Cipriani Blvd. 

  • Monday 3rd Feb to Friday 7th Feb 5:00pm~9:00pm
  • Saturday 8th 12:00 noon~8:00pm. 
  • Monday 10th Feb to Wed 15th Feb 5:00pm~9:00pm.
  • Thursday 20th to Saturday 22rd 12:00 noon~10:00pm. 
  • Sunday 24th Feb 12:00~ 8:00pm

Monday 24th Feb 4:00am
The ultimate J'ouvert experience. 

  • Muddy vibes
  • MI Vibes
  • MI People
  • MI Jouvert
  • MI Famalay


World Class Dj’s

  • Ricardo ~ Artiste team T&T 
  • Alicia ~ Duchess T&T 
  • Marlon ~ sounds4life NYC

The ultimate J'ouvert experience.

  • All inclusive  
  • Secured parking  
  • Tight security  
  • Roped off band on the road  
  • Two music trucks synced  
  • Best DJ's  
  • Three liquor trucks  
  • Premium drinks  
  • Mud, paint & vibes 
  • Toilet truck  
  • Local breakfast served under the saaman trees 
  • No gimmicks the way J'ouvert supposed to be  
  • J'ouvert your way!!!  
  • What could make me miss this vibe not ah thing