SunKissed | The Sunset Beach Fete & Catamaran Cruise


Fri 8th July , 2022

2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Private Island, Kingston, Jamaica


SUNKISSED : The Sunset Beach Fete & Catamaran Cruise

Come fete with us on a luxury Catamaran or abroad your own private yacht as we make our way to a private white sand beach where the fete continues until sundown. 

This year, we've got two options for you 


With our Yacht Experience, you and your crew get the full VIP treatment. 

  • Private Luxury Yacht with all the amenities 
  • Exclusive bar with expanded drink menu 
  • Great food selection 

Host to help while you're aboard

  • Access to all the party Catamarans and beach 
  • Other VIP surprises


With our "BLACK BOAT" experience you'll enjoy

  • Fete on sea aboard our party catamarans
  • Fully included all premium bars
  • Catered cuisine

After feteing on the catamaran, we dock on the white sand beaches of Maiden Cay to continue the party right up until sunset

We'll have the best DJ's aboard and on shore.

Are you ready to



Q: Do I need a separate ticket for the beach? 
A: No. Once you purchase your ticket for your desired experience, you'll have access to the beach, and your all inclusive bar. Once we dock, you're free to tan, fete, drink, or do whatever you want on the beach!

Q: Can I go on a fete catamaran if I purchase "Yacht Experience" ticket?
A: Yes. The "Yacht Experience" gives you access to the fete catamarans once we're docked. You will however have to depart and return on your assigned vessel.

Q: Can I go on a Yacht if I purchase a "Pure Fete Experience" ticket? 
A: No. The Yachts are reserved exclusively for those that choose our "Yacht Experience"

Q: Are drinks included?
A: Yes. Premium drinks are included for all guests. Our Yacht Experience guests however get a dedicated bar aboard their assigned yacht with a few additional options. 

If you have other questions, send us an email at "" or DM us @PartyInTheSun on Instagram