Sunscape: DDI Funday

by BessLime Experience

Wed 26th February , 2020

12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Down D Islands


Your Last Jam 

Carnival Cool Down 

Down D Islands Experience 

Sunscape: Down D Islands Funday 

Date: Ash Wednesday (February 26th, 2020) 

Time: 12noon to 6pm  

Location: Down D Islands 

Boarding: Black Jack Marina, Chaguaramas

Dress-code: Swimwear Only 

Party with friends as we cruise DDI to our floating water park for you to dive in & make waves as we say goodbye to Carnival 2020  

  • Food Inclusive  
  • Floaties Inclusive  
  • Cooler Event    
  • Swimming Allowed 

Tickets $70US

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