Bacchanal Brunch

by YupLife!

Sat 16th February , 2019

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Port Of Spain


What's a Bacchanal Brunch ?


BRUNCH》 A Late Morning Meal Instead Of Breakfast or Lunch.


BACCHANAL》 A Wild Celebration.


So what happens when we mix Both ? ______________________________________________________


Experience this new craze as we introduce to Trinidad's Carnival Culture, Bachannal Brunch !  Gather your friends from Home & Abroad as we say "Cheers To Life!" with Mimosas & Cocktails, Bless your Belly with Brunch Styled Cuisine & Shake A Leg to all your favourite Soca 2019 Hits !


We're blending a Little Bit ah Brunch with ah Whole Lotta Bacchanal in our very own picturesque Paradise, a memory to last all 2019 

_____________________ x @yuplife