The Unspoken: A Forum in Celebration of International Women's Day

by Trinidad and Tobago Youth Advocacy Network

Sat 11th March , 2023

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Government Campus Plaza Auditorium, Port of Spain


The Unspoken presents an opportunity for women of a wide variety of generations, cultures and backgrounds to create an inclusive future. This Forum will allow women to gather and reflect on lessons of resilience and hope, catalyse generational growth and create a safe space geared towards leading and uplifting women in purpose and power. 

The Unspoken will represent a solace and operate as a launch pad wherein quantitative and qualitative data will be presented to shape conversations, launch new initiatives and offer recommendations for businesses and governments to take immediate action.

The culmination of persons from different walks of life, collaborating and congregating in a space; will pave a way for the generation of new insights, develop innovative solutions, and foster long-lasting change.

The Forum will explore the following Plenary Topics:

  1. The Professional Woman Breaking The Glass Ceiling
  2. Singleness & Realising Self-Fulfilment

On 11 March 2023 at 1:00 PM we will gather in person at the Government Campus Plaza Auditorium, for a day of Plenary Sessions, Discovery & Affirmative Activities, Networking and so much more.